Greek Fried Eggs with Potatoes and Feta

Fried eggs with feta cheese recipe

Eggs: so tasty and such a great source of protein, and yet, so easy to treat them like nothing. Egg recipes are considered one’s entry to the magnificent world of cooking. You fry them, boil them, mix them with vegetables – or, best case scenario with potatoes and sausage – to make an omelette. I’ll give you my opinion in two words: SO BASIC.  

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Souvlaki GR in Manhattan

During my research for the Esquire piece, I discovered the most beautiful souvlaki place that I’ve ever seen. It’s called “Souvlaki GR” (surprise!) and it brings a scent of Greece in Manhattan. The minute you see it from the outside, the bright white and blue shades make you feel like you’re on vacation on a Greek island in the Cyclades. But the best part is on the inside, where it’s literally like they moved a part of the charming small streets in Mykonos and gracefully placed it in their locations in Lower East Side and Manhattan Midtown.

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Greek Salad Recipe, Sifnos Style

Greek Salad Recipe

It’s definitely the most Google’d salad from Greek cuisine! Super fresh, hearty, colorful, packed with flavor, you’re definitely gonna love this Greek salad recipe. Let me just say that the original version does not include lettuce or any kind of dressing. Greek salad is best enjoyed during the summer when all veg (tomato, cucumber) are in season, juicy and all. Now, the most important ingredient is feta cheese. The real deal should be firm, not too salty, with rich taste and easily chewed.

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