Why I haven’t been blogging much lately & new projects update 

The most interesting part of being a blogger is actually blogging. I’ve been wondering if I should call myself a blogger as I haven’t written a post since… well, a long time ago. Need a heads-up on why I haven’t blogged ever since?

What happened in the meantime, maybe? The truth is, life happened. I’ve had my hands full with so many projects that I could barely find time to think about something cool to blog about. Why bother my readers with *basic* posts they could read everywhere else on the internet? I needed to find what I truly wanted to share with you. What you were interested in reading about Greece, to find my voice in a chaotic digital world.

A year later and after many, many thoughts, cooking, traveling and eating, it feels so good to be back here for a fresh start. I’ve seen the Greek cuisine grow so rapidly in all major cities, especially in London where I am currently. I couldn’t be more inspired to raise awareness about the immense benefits of eating and cooking Greek. Thus, this post is my vow to you that I’ll be sharing exciting new content and authentic Greek recipes every week. Plus, I ‘ve been working on a super cool international project that I’ll launch this fall. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do because your support will be most valuable! Can’t really tell you more but bear with me for a few days. 

I’ve already made some renovating work with the blog typography. What are your thoughts? Love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments below!


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